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January 7, 2012
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Name: Itami Yume (Painful Dream)

Age:  233 (Appears to be in her early twenties)

Sex:  Female

Race: Shinigami

Position:  Squad 13 Captain

Appearance:  Itami stands at about 5'3" and appears to be a very frail girl, especially for a captain. She has a very light blonde, almost platinum blonde hair that goes to about her mid back and has strange heterochromia eyes, one being a light surf blue in color and the other being an evergreen color. She has a very pale complexion and a very mechanical way of moving. While walking her movements seem undetected because of her haori and shihakusho, but when she tries to relax, her body seems as if it still wants to move and is at war with itself on if wants to move or rest. She doesn't have many changes to her outfit besides a pocket on the inside of her haori which carries heavy sleeping pills and muscle relaxants. She carries these because of her disease.

Personality:  Itami is a very attentive soul but has a slight drawback of always being tired and having a hard time paying attention. Due to her disease, she is known to have bad insomnia, panic attacks, paranoia and hallucinations. The disease she suffers from is called Akumunemuri (Nightmare Sleep) which is similar to the human disease known as Fatal Familial Insomnia, but is different for one reason. She is not human so the time expectancy is different. After being diagnosed most humans are expected to live 18-34 months. Seeing as how she is a soul, a strong one to point, time is slowed down to about 200-280 years. Throughout the time, she developed these drawbacks of insomnia, panic attacks, paranoia, phobias, and hallucinations. She is expected to have anywhere from present day to 100 years left to live if she is lucky. Even with her knowing of her approaching death, she still manages to pull through with a smile on her face.

Abilities: Itami's main ability is her manipulation over kido. With her disease she doesn't get much sleep so she had much time to read and study the arts of kido. This is also how she knows so much, she has a lot of free time and reads any books she can in her spare time. Her flash step is actually quite decent, seeing as how it is easy for her to keep running since she can never really stay at rest. Her zanjutsu and hakudo are severally lacking, having absolutely no physical strength.  

Zanpakutou:  Nerutei (Sleeping Air)

Inner World: Itari's inner world is a peaceful world, laying within a small jungle that seems like the perfect place to sleep. The temperature of the environment is warm and comfortable, the grass soft and plush, the sound of rushing water and small bugs buzzing. The only thing is, in this world no one can sleep. It's as if the world is trying to make it's visitors feel exactly what Itami goes through.

Zanpakutou Spirit:  Nerutei takes the form of an energetic young girl, in her late teens, that is part of the wind. In her full appearance, she stands at about 5'3" with long brown wavy hair that literally drags on the ground along with her vibrant emerald green eyes. She wears what looks a tiara made of roots and wood around her head. She has a tanned skin tone and she wears a long green silk dress with a egyptian style golden necklace that encases her neck and upper chest. The necklace has many topaz, sapphire and emerald stones that encrust it. Whenever she wants to, Nerutei can turn into the wind and travel much more quickly around wherever she goes. She is a very energetic and fun loving spirit and does all that she can to keep Itami happy and lively as possible despite her sickness. She is also rather mischievious but she never pulls pranks on Itami in concern of hurting her, which is the last thing she wants to do.

Sealed state:   Nerutei takes the form of a Wakizashi that Itami keeps on her left hip in a pale yellow scabbard. The Wakizashi has a golden hilt and tsuba that glimmers like the sun. The hilt is wrapped in the standard pattern with a faded white hilt wrapping. The tsuba takes the shape of a japanese style cloud that is etched with small swirls all. The blade itself is an odd pale white that seems to be made of marble rather than steel but it is infact normal steel.

Shikai:  "Awake, Nerutei" The wakizashi will glow with pale yellow energy as wind will start to swirl around the blade of the sword and tsuba. When the wind and energy die down, it will reveal the new sword. The wakizashi is now a five foot long Nodachi that seems to be as light as air to Itami. The Nodachi is still the pale white marble color but it now has 10 golf ball sized holes that line down the sword every six inches in between. The tsuba is also now a softball size glass orb that seems to be unbreakable even if it were to take a direct hit. The blade is so extremely light to Yume but when she slashes it, it is as heavy as a normal Nodachi. The Zanpakutou is the strongest Wind type in Soul Society and is actually the only known Oxygen type as well.

Ibikikokyuu (Snoring Breath): The main ability of Nerutei's Shikai. She will calmly say the ability's name and the orb on Nerutei's Tsuba will start to glow pale yellow. Then a gust of wind will blow through the holes of the sword which will cause a low whistling sound. Then the area, about fifty feet in all directions, will start to feel light of oxygen, and after a few moments, it will start to feel suffocating. This is the effect of the Zanpakutou, it inhales the oxygen and air in the air and store it up in the orb that Nerutei has. Itami can keep this ability going for as long as she wants as long as she can give up the reiatsu for it. She can just keep consuming the air or she can choose to expel it, this is where the second ability comes in.

Mezamerukaze (Wake up Wind): This ability comes in hand with Ibikikokyuu. If Itami ever needs an offensive strike, she can activate this ability. The holes on the sword will start to expel wind that'll wrap around the sword. She will then raise her sword and then slash it quickly. This will create a powerful wind blast that is all dependent on how much air she consumed. It can be anywhere between a simple distracting breeze to a flesh cutting tornado.

Bankai: Sameruryoku Nerutei (Waking Power, Sleeping Air): A very dangerous yet very powerful Bankai that Itami rarely uses because of how much strain it puts on her sickly body. She holds her sword out in front of her with one hand holding the sword while the other  holds her fingers in a flicking position about an inch away from the orb. She will charge her pale yellow reiatsu and take a deep breath and say, "Bankai, Sameruryoku Nerutei." She will then flick the orb and cause the orb to break apart and shatter. A blast of reiatsu and air will blow out of the orb and start to form around Itami. The wind will start to form around her legs and soon a small cylcone will start to form around her legs. She can change the cyclone's size at will, making her rise into the air quickly to avoid being hit. Also, her yellow reiatsu will form around her arms. They will take the form of leather gloves that stretch from her fingertips to her elbow and will have wind constantly circulating around them. Thanks to the twister around her legs, she is very mobile and fast along with evasive and agile. She also has full control of the wind now, making her Zanpakutou an Elemental God Spirit of. She can easily make a tornado with her hands and can cause some serious damage.

This is my new OC Captain for squad 13. Might edit later. Not sure. Depends on how she works out in the rp

Itami Yume (c) :iconlifes-lovely-roses:

Major assistance from (c) :icononyx-vx: (I can't stop thanking you DX)
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Infernalfeather Featured By Owner Apr 11, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
FEATHERVISION ACTIVATED: need for light blonde in sentence 2 just light, almost platinum blonde will suffice

2." an extremely" instead of "a very" pale complexion since you use" a very" to describe her movement

3. natural instead of undetected, how is it at war with itself does she have ticks or shudder, shake etc etc

4. life expectancy instead of time expectancy, you explain it right after so its okay to go with life
5."Throughout the time, she developed these drawbacks of insomnia, panic attacks, paranoia, phobias, and hallucinations. She is expected to have anywhere from present day to 100 years left to live if she is lucky. Even with her knowing of her approaching death, she still manages to pull through with a smile on her face."

During this time period she developed the drawbacks of insomnia, panic attacks, paranoia, phobias(what exact phobias), and hallucinations. She has 100 years to live if she is lucky, but every day that passes has the chance to become her eternal mighnight. Even with this knowledge she still manages to pull through with a smile on her face. (If you no like me edit make yo own, but do edit in le future when you get chance)

6. delete the word "all" from 2nd last sentence of sealed state paragraph

7.Does her body wanting to move screw with her hand/body movements for kido. if so how sis she overcome this

8.In SHIKAI when the wind and energy die down THE RELEASED SWORD IS REVEALED. Way its written has tense issue

9. WAKE UP WIND: Tornados can't cut anything, its more of a very strong swirling force which has many applications, but generally will not cut. In order to cut you need need pressurized air traveling at high speeds. unless the tornado is made of contained and shaped pressurized air that is swirling around at high speeds then u have flesh cutting tornado, if so add this to description

9. more inner world description

10.SNORING BREATH: if it pulls oxygen all that is left is CO2 and other trace elements. oxygen and air in the air does not lol. just take oxygen, also adds that it releases the oxygen to her so she breathes normallly. If you do this it would mean that if the enemy gets super close to her even while suffocating they could breate again as well. Just food for thought

11. Bankai is simple and cool, can be used in many ways

Feathervision complete
MoonlitCrescent Featured By Owner Jan 20, 2012
Hmm, quite intriguing. Where did you get the idea?
Lifes-Lovely-Roses Featured By Owner Jan 20, 2012
Well I wanted a disease that wasn't an instant killer and effected with time but then applied it to soul reaper timeline so it lasted longer. I just wanted a sick captain :3 cause I'm a horrible person :(
MoonlitCrescent Featured By Owner Jan 20, 2012
Not at all, it's people with quirks and issues that are by far the most interesting in my opinion. I understand, it's cool.
Lifes-Lovely-Roses Featured By Owner Jan 20, 2012
Well most of my OC's have ruined pasts or scars of some sort. Itami has no scars, just a disease that will eventually kill her
MoonlitCrescent Featured By Owner Jan 20, 2012
Indeed. And that's in part why I find them of such interest :)
Lifes-Lovely-Roses Featured By Owner Jan 20, 2012
Well I'm glad you like them :)
MoonlitCrescent Featured By Owner Jan 21, 2012
As am I :meow: Keep it up.
nanokatana Featured By Owner Jan 8, 2012
I love zampakuto type wind!
description of amazing, fantastic oc!
Lifes-Lovely-Roses Featured By Owner Jan 8, 2012
Thanks ^^ Onyx really helped on the zanpaktou, I worked on Itami's other info though. lol I'd be lost without him helping me on these OC sheets
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