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January 3, 2012
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Name: Isabel Covas

Age: 300 (Appearance Age: Late Twenties)

Sex: Female

Race: Adjuchas Class Arrancar

Position: Privaron Espada Number 105 (Former Quinta Espada)

Appearance: The short and petite Privaron Espada Isabel Covas is a very interesting character to say the least and she has quite a few defining, unique, and even stunning features to her as well. Probably the most defining feature to her is her rather large and unique mask fragments to her. Being an Adjucha when she evolved, her body had a few side affects that changed her appearance quite a bit. The most prevalent one being her large mask fragments. Her large mask fragments appear as a pure bone, four foot long fox-like tail that sticks out from her lower back and travels upwards. As you go up her tail you will find that it connects to her spine, which completely sticks out of her back. The spine goes all the way up to her neck before splitting in opposite directions and forming a fox jaw over her own jaw. The fox jaw is fully mandible; she's able to move it with her normal jaw with ease despite it being so intricately connected. Her tail is also fully able to move as it pleases and it even comes with a defense mechanism. She can spike her spine and tail at will, making it very tough to touch and attack. Her tail is also a weak point for her. It is very sensitive and a good tug to her tail can kink her spine oddly. As for actual appearances, Isabel is a rough yet beautiful and petite girl. She has a round, young face with a light caramel skin tone. Her light chocolate brown hair has additional red roots to it, giving a very neat and otherwise eye catching look to it. She keeps her hair short in a tomboyish way where her hair is short and spiky. The certain style it is in is where her bangs are kept to the side of her face, out of view from her eyes and the style is kept unkempt, with the hair spiking out in many directions randomly. She has striking, golden-yellow eyes that resemble that of a canine's or fox. She has thin lips and a set of fox-like canine teeth that act as fangs for her. Isabel has a petite and very curvy body which attracts a lot of male eyes to her. She has a set of wide swaying hips and very, almost abnormally voluptuous chest that was yet another one of her evolutionary drawbacks/gifts. She also stands at a very unitimidating and short, 4'9". Her former Espada tattoo, a Number "5" that is X'ed out, is located on her lower left back. Her hollow hole is located about two inches underneath her naval. It is about two inches in diameter so it is rather small for a hollow hole.

Like all Arrancars, Isabel wears the traditional white uniform that has been modified to meet her comfort standards and style. She wears the standard white Hakama and sandals for an Arrancar but her top has been modified a good bit. Her top appears as a long sleeve shirt with the abdominal area removed from it. The front of the shirt comes over and covers her voluptuous cleavage and ends right above her abdominal area. She has a zipper that runs along the center of it so she can open and close it if she needs breathing room or more ability to move. Her collar rises around her neck before folding over like a standard color. There is a black stripe that runs up the center of the chest of the uniform and then two stripes that go down each of her arms.

Personality: Isabel is an Arrancar with a rather dynamic personality to her that stretches out over many kinds of emotions. When normal, and not disturbed by combat or foolery, Isabel is a very calm and even kind Arrancar that has a soft demeanor. But when she wants to, that personality takes a complete turn from kindness to total wickedness. When in battle, annoyed, or angry she will gain a very wicked and sadistic way of speaking that is filled with cursing words, wicked taunts, and evil remarks. She can also be a bit sadistic at times which makes her seem just plain evil. But despite her dynamic personality, she has a close loving relationship with the Terecera Espada. She has a very active relationship due to the two of them being very rough beings. She is also known as somewhat of a masochist as well. She finds pleasure in pain except for her tail. She is very touchy and sensitive of her tail, only two people have permission to touch her tail, herself and OCCASIONALLY, the Tercera.

Abilities: Isabel is a very overall balanced fighter in the Arrancar arts besides one thing, her Sonido. She is considered one of the fastest Arrancars in Hueco Mundo and this is thanks to her Canine-like muscles and her small petite size. She can zip around the battlefield like a little fox ducking between bushes to track down her prey. Outside of her Sonido, Isabel is a very balanced fighter. She fires a powerful reddish brown Cero by pointing her tail at her enemy. Her Hierro is good for that of an Espada and it can withstand a good amount of punishment. Her Zanjutsu is good and is able to outclass some of the present Espada. She prefers Bala over her Cero but her main type of projectile weapon is the spikes on her tail.

Sealed State: Isabel's sealed state for her Resurreccion takes the form of an everyday and standard Katana that she keeps on her left hip. The blade of it is stylish silver that glimmers whenever light seems to hit it and is super sharp, one of the sharpest Resurreccion blades there are. The hilt and tsuba are both a golden color with a mix of bronze. The tsuba takes the form of a two dimensional fox that is curled up in a circular position like it was sleeping. The hilt wrapping of the weapon is a lush crimson red that seems like blood had been dyed into a cloth and wrapped around a sword.

Resurreccion: Alma Zorro (Fox Spirit): To unleash the devastating yet rather small resurreccion of the once Fifth Espada, Isabel will first have to get some distance between her and her opponent. She will glare down her enemy and spin the sword of Alma Zorro in her hand before bringing it to a stop. She will then call out, "Trick them, Alma Zorro!" Dark red spiritual pressure will shoot out of her body and spikes will start to build up and grow along her tail, soon the set of spikes had made the tail over nine times bigger than it once was. The single tail will then start to split and soon it will unfurl into nine separate tails that move individually at will. She has Fox ears that rest atop her head and amplify her hearing. She has bone armor that goes from the edge of her elbow down to the tips of her fingers were sharp inch long claws reside, made of the same bone like armor. The same bone armor goes from the top of her knees to her toes with claw structures there as well. Once that has ended, Isabel's resurreccion is complete. She now has nine tails that are each spiked to the brim so it can cause a lot of damage. If one tail wasn't enough, then nine will surely do it. Her main attack is the spikes that come from her tail but she also has a purplish flame that resides on the palms of her bone armored hands. She coats her hands in the purple flames when she attacks.

This is my OC Isabel Covas who I made for an rp a few months back. I was having issues with making a decent Bio so I asked my good buddy :icononyx-vx: *Onyx-vX He knows her fairly well cause I used her in an rp. I'm sure you're all aware that the Tercerea Espada she's 'with' is not Tia Halibel. If you thought she was with Tia, READ AGAIN. In the RP she got paired up with Onyx's OC Tercera Espada, Drake Gunthorrne >> [link] <<


OC Sheet (c) :icononyx-vx:

Isabel Covas (c) :iconlifes-lovely-roses:
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Er sorry wrong message, but you have a very great OC here
Oh, okay ^^; and thanks
I would like an opinion on a character I crafted
I'm not exactly the best 'critique' but I can give it a look

Name: Velb

Race: Hollow; failed Gillian

Side: Independent

Friends: Zam Vesal(Another OC), Kisuke Urahara and Halibel

Romantic Interest: None but does have feelings towards Halibel

Birth Day: Unknown

Spirtual Age: 3000+

Family Members: Unknown

Favorite Season: Summer

Favorite Color(s): Green, Yellow, Blue and Red

Title: Chimera Hollow

Eye Color: Yellow

Height: 459 cm

Weight: 325 pounds

Mask: Various different pieces make it up, hard to explain

Hollow hole: About 20 millimeters above his left lung but is covered due to eating hollows.


Velb is manly like a jolly old man that often looks back on his life, but he asks people if they want to hear a story of his. He doesn’t like Mayuri Kurotsuchi or Aizen because he feels that all they want to do is cut him open and study how he dies. His feelings towards Halibel is like an old friend who loves her but knows that they should just be friends. Being over 3000 years old he doesn’t eat human souls because he would know that it would just get unwanted attention.

During a battle he tries to resolve it quickly so that both sides can live and not die horribly or lose anything. However should he face someone like Muramasa or someone that isn’t going to stop he will kill that person. He does share Kohaku’s belief that it would be better to have peace with the Shinigami.
Well first off, if he's a hollow he probably wouldn't be jolly unless he was vasto lordes or higher. Most hollows are hungry, ruthless things, and if Gillian's, they're usually mindless as well. I'd go further into detail on his appearance but also his history, if he has any, with the characters mentioned, how he became a failed Gillian and all that fun stuff.
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NaokiOtomo Mar 26, 2012  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Let me quote Mayuri... "arrancar, arrancar, arrancar..."
They are really hard to create... And she... She's good...
Lol thanks xD glad people love the short masochist
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