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January 15, 2012
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Name: Hotaru Yorusora

Age: 1427 (Appearance Age: Seven)

Sex: Female

Race: Freed Togabito

Position: Gotei 11th Squad Captain (Kenpachi of the Gotei 13)/ Former Hell Guard

Appearance: The extremely young looking, and seemingly unintimidating Captain of the mighty warrior division of the Eleventh Squad would seem like a very unlikely candidate to run such a mandate of a Squad. Most people wonder how a little girl who shouldn't even be in the Shinigami academy can become the mighty Captain of the Eleventh Divisions. In reality, she is probably older than every other person in the Gotei Thirteen and is probably even older than the Captain Commander. The reason why is that she isn't actually a Shinigami, she is actually a Togabito or a Hell's Sinner. Normally people don't find this possible for Togabito belong in Hell but with the help of the Captain Commander, Hotaru and her closest friend were able to escape hell. Standing at just over four feet tall with a perfect skin tone, along with her body being much too young to develop her more womanly features, Hotaru seems like an ultimately well fit girl and can even be seen as athletic for she has a great lean build. Her small frame and great body muscles for her age allow her to have great dexterity and agility when in a fight or in trouble. Her most striking features though are her eyes, hair and scar on her body. Her large eyes are a rather mesmerizing emerald green that can either shimmer with curiosity and happiness or seriousness and even deathly. Her long spiky black hair she has kept tied up in a ponytail by a small grey chain. Her hair sort of arcs over and ends at about the back of her knees. A seeming unfitting for a girl of her age appearance is her large and otherwise nasty looking scar that she has. The scar looks like it is made of barbed wire pattern and it runs in a complete circle around her body. The scar runs over her left shoulder, through the underside of between her legs, and connecting at the back of the shoulder. Despite something that seemed so nasty, this scar was caused by her closest of friends.

Hotaru has parts of her Togabito outfit that she still carries around that have been around since before her inception into the Gotei thirteen. In fact, most of her attire have been around for almost one and a half millennia. Though now that Hotaru is a Captain, she has added some of the essential parts of a Captain's wardrobe into her attire to show her position. Her actual uniform ever is much more different than any other ones that the Gotei has as of right now. She doesn't where a Shihakusho but rather a red kimono with black trim that she has worn ever since she entered Hell. The Kimono is easily oversized for her and she normally has it in a fashion where it lays off of her shoulders and the sleeves and legs of it go well past her hands and feet, allowing her to easily conceal any kind of weapons and attacks. She is normally found walking with her hands in opposing sleeves so she doesn't have to worry about tripping over herself too badly. She also wears no footwear of any kind, seeing as she has literally walk through hell barefoot for over one thousand four hundred years. Additional remnants of her days in hell are her hell's chains that bind around her ankles and hair. Despite being freed from hell, she has kept the chains as reminders and as sort of a bond that they share. She has had them for so long that to her, they're like a part of her own soul. Her ankle chains are like that of shackles and are made of fifteen two inch long links. Though this might seem like it would limit her mobility, it actually doesn't harm her what so ever except if a smarter or dirtier enemy might try to pull the chains. Her other chain is located in her hair and acts like a hair tie that ties back her hair into a spiky ponytail. Her hair is back like this almost all the time with very few exceptions. On top of her Kimono she wears the standard Squad 11 Captain's haori but she wears it in a style where it just simply hangs on her shoulder like a cape. The Haori itself drags on the ground while she walks but she doesn't mind it. In battle though, she is very notorious about completely ditching her Haori which can normally fluster the Captain Commander if she loses it.

Personality: Despite having the body of a seven year old, Hotaru has the mindset of a fully matured adult with a few childish quirks here and there. She is normally found to have a very serious and strong disposition along with a look of pure hate and rage that seems like she's angry with the world. She is normally found with a somewhat murderous glare written across her eyes like she is looking to kill the next person that crosses her path. She has obtained this look due to her long years in hell as a Togabito and has sculpted her into a cold killing machine that will go off at any minute if it is driven the wrong way. One personality trait of her is that she is a common human world traveler and had an odd fascination with Shinigami. When she was in Hell, she was considered the most powerful spirit within the world and was in charge of Hell's gate, the Kushanada and the retrieval of escaped souls. This allowed her to travel to the human world at free will and allowed her to explore around and see what happens outside of the world. When she became a Captain, this curiosity only grew due to her having even more freedom than before. She also has had an odd curiosity of Shinigami before she was freed from Hell. She had always been infatuated with what they did, their powers, and the motives behind them. She would normally follow them around but not make direct contact with them for the most part. Every now and then, Hotaru will have her childish moments where she acts in a sort of bratty or immature way where she would want something very badly and then whine when she doesn't get it. This can lead to temper tantrums which can end up as major damage to the surrounding area. Although for the most part she is a very serious and killing person, there is one person that she acts nice or even playful to and that is her closest friend whom she also considers her big brother, Raimei Desaki.

Raimei Desaki is Hotaru's closest friend, companion and considerably her big brother in sorts. The two of them have been together for over One-thousand and sixty years, and have created a bond that is closer than anything could possibly be. Raimei is the only person that Hotaru will open up to personally and she looks up to him as a big brother and a personal guard. Though Hotaru is plenty powerful herself, Raimei normally takes the front of the force first as a loyal subject to her. Hotaru can normally be found holding his hand when they're out in public and they can be found together just about all the time. She looks up to him with love and is the only person she considerably loves and trusts for they have been around so long together. Hotaru truly does love him but he can still get on her bad side which may end up not too well what so ever, but none the less they're inseparable.

Weapon: Due to Hotaru being a Togabito and not a Shinigami, she does not posses a Zanpakutou and is the only member of the Gotei who doesn't posses one. Instead, she has a special and extremely sharp obsidian blade that she normally keeps hidden away in one of her sleeves. The blade takes the form of a slightly curved, sharp yet jagged, eighteen inch long dagger that has an smoothened out stone hilt. In the hilt, there are very expensive and cleanly cut blood red rubies that line the hilt in a not really certain pattern. The blade is extremely sharp and light so it allows Hotaru to swing it around precisely with deadly efficiency. Though it may be sharp and deadly, it doesn't hold any kind of special abilities like a Zanpakutou does. It is simply a blade made for close combat. Her real weapon is the fires of Hell itself.

Abilities: Hotaru has a skill much different then any other person in the Gotei 13. Her abilities are still based around the ways of Hell so she doesn't posses Shinigami specific abilities such as Kidou or Hoho but she does contain abilities similar to those. She is an excellent swordsman with the use of her obsidian blade, which is not surprising for someone of her position. She uses a quick and precise slash and stab kind of sword style so she can repetitively create cuts and slashes to keep the enemy guessing and more importantly bleeding. She isn't all that strong when it comes to actual physical strength because of her small size, but she makes up for it with her speed. She has a technique similar to that of Shunpo that Togabito use where they use Hell's flames to adjust their speed to unseen speeds that can match that of Shunpo. She is also a very prodigal tactician and this comes from her fourteen hundred years as a Togabito and Hell's Guard. She can easily track and trace movements, allowing her and her allies to attack with great precision and capability. Her most powerful trick though is the power of Hell's Flame which is the substitute for the Shinigami's Kidou.

Makaihi (Hell Flame): Hotaru has the ability of Hell's Flame otherwise known as Makaihi. It is an ultimately powerful ability that uses the flames of hell itself as a weapon. Only the most powerful Togabito's in hell have the power of Makaihi and even fewer know how to control it to masterful abilities. Hotaru knows how to control it to it's full extent and even more to the point where she had even evolved it into two further stages. The first advanced stage of it is the most common type of flame she contains and it has so many different uses to it. When she creates the flame, the color of it is an orange-red color and within it, several screaming faces can be seen in the flames. Though these faces look like they're constantly screaming and are in anguish, nothing can be heard from the flames besides it's crackle of fire. Hotaru can use this flame to any use that she needs but there are times where not even the Makaihi can win a fight. She has one more evolution of the Hell's Flame that is only unique to her and it is an ability that can be considered dangerous for her as well.

Shirohi no Shitsunen (White Flame of Oblivion): This ability of hell's flame is an ultimately dangerous and insanely powerful power that can even be dangerous to Hotaru. She has learned this ability through the long years of anguish and power in the battlefields of Hell. This ability creates an obliterating pure white fire that seems to burn hotter than even Hell. This fire literally incinerates anything it touches but it's unique ability is that it has the ability to kill Togabito's. Togabito's that reside in Hell are constantly reborn through regeneration pools and then suffer the same pains from the Kushanada and other Togabito's over and over again. The Shirohi no Shitsunen has the ability to kill the Togabitio because it literally incincerates them into nothingness with not just flames but time. The White flame both burns the victim and progresses the body's age in time to astounding lengths where they will not even exist anymore. Nobody can survive this flame and even Hotaru has problems controlling this ability that even transcends Hell itself.

This is a commission/request/gift drawn by the talented :devpnyx-vx:. I would appreciate it if you take a look at their gallery if you appreciate the art, or be so kind as to comment on the original piece with your words of praise. All of the people I commission are fantastic artists who deserve proper attention.

To read about Hotaru's past, go here:

Literature/Raimei (c) ~Onyx-vX

Hotaru (c) =Lifes-Lovely-Roses

Bleach (c) Tite Kubo
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Kenji-Leon-Gunji Mar 13, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
again i really wish i had more people like this in my group it's an awsome oc good work
Oh, thank you ^^ I'm glad you like her :)
Kenji-Leon-Gunji Mar 14, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
um would you be interseted in being in a bleach oc group i made or being an admin for said group
Umm, I'd need to know more about the group and what it does ^^;
Kenji-Leon-Gunji Mar 15, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
im bugging gah sorry
It's fine, just like to know these things before I get into it
Kenji-Leon-Gunji Mar 15, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
this is the other group's link [link] and here is mine [link]
we usually use Skype chat to rp we have a group on Skype
Umm... I usually don't like the big group rp's seeing as how theirs more rules and 'specialized' OC sheets I have to make. Not to mention if the spot has been filled on a character, I have to either change my OC's squad or pick another. I usually do one on one rp's due to less rules and more freedom. No god modding or controlling OC's that aren't yours are the only rules I rules I really care to follow, but other than that, I'm not a stickler for rules and restrictions
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msknowitall Aug 9, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
Very pretty, very well-rounded OC.
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