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Name: Ayame Ochi

Age: 327; looks about 32


Captain of squad four

Ayame looks much younger than she actually is, looking about 23. She isn't always spotted as captain off the block seeing as she never has her haori on. She has a medical bag strapped over her back and several other devices hidden in her uniform. She has a no sleeved shihakusho which keeps sleeves from knocking things over. As any human nurse, she has short hair and well manicured nails. Every aspect of her is clean and tidy. She never seems to have a nasty side with the patients in her care and always seems to be chipper while on the job, but while off the job she may be non responsive or even a little snappy. She used to be a nurse while she was human and has mixed the human world nursing job into her job as Captain of squad four. Her main skill is in Kidou then it spans into flash step, needing to have a fast reaction to serious problems. Then she has captain class skills in Zanjutsu and lieutenants class skills in Hakudo. 

Physical features:

Ayame's physical features are quite pretty at most. She has short spiky brownish black hair and a very slender body type. She is the picture of health in the gotei, seeming to be nicely tanned and a slight muscle tone. She never wears makeup, seeing as how it would only cause issues during an operation or checking on her patients. She has stunning Caribbean Blue eyes and a small pixie like face. One thing that would shock most Soul Reapers is that she is a frequent drinker when off duty. It takes a while for her to actually get drunk.


Iyashi no Hebi (Healing Snake)

To release her Shikai she calls out 'Shed your skin, Iyashi no Hebi!'
In this form if she is struck by a hit, her skin starts to shed as if like a snake and the wound starts to heal over. The deeper and more severe the wound, the longer it takes

Nise no hebi ((fake snake)) this special attack is put quite simply. All the skin that she sheds becomes a copy of Ayame. An empty yet deadly copy.

Iyashi no doku ((healing poison)) This skill is a liquid poison that emits from her blade. Instead of sickening the patient, it absorbs into the skin. The poison is filled with antibiotics and nutrients used to help heal wounds and fight off infection.

Her Bankai is released with 'Shūshuku kiba, Iyashi no Hebi!' ((constricting fangs, healing snake))
In her Bankai her sword dissolves into a very amazon like dagger. Two daggers that have multi colored string over the handle and strong leather and wire, binding the handle to the blade which is a curved reptile fang. These two blades, one secreting a deadly poison, the other secreting a healing poison. She has black patches of scale like chainmail armor that hang off her uniform over her chest and side of her arms and thighs. She also has a strange necklace that seems to have snake fangs hanging off of it, a snake skull resting in the middle of it.

Her inner world is slightly off, being an amazon jungle that holds one creature. Her spirit, Iyashi, is a fairly large Black Mamba, about the size of an anaconda. He has glowing red eyes but one of the eyes is sealed shut with a scar. When her shikai is activated, the trees and ground seem to shake, as if with an earthquake. During Bankai, her entire inner world seems to go dark, the sky turning a blackish purple hue with fog and the trees and plants seeming to wilt as if with poison.
This is my OC Ayame Ochi for Captain of Squad four. Just randomly made her about 2 weeks ago. Next to my other captains, Akiko and Etsu, she's my next favorite :3

Ayame Ochi (c) Me

Bleach (c) Tite Kubo
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scorch62msc Featured By Owner Feb 17, 2013  Hobbyist Writer
She seem familiar; didn't she pop up for a short while in one of our rps?
Lifes-Lovely-Roses Featured By Owner Feb 17, 2013
scorch62msc Featured By Owner Feb 18, 2013  Hobbyist Writer
I do believe she was just the Lieutenant in that.
Lifes-Lovely-Roses Featured By Owner Feb 18, 2013
probably xD
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