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Name: Alvarez Cortes

Age: 357 (appears to be in his mid thirties)

Sex: Male

Species: Arrancar

Alliance: Sexta Espada

Aspect of Death: Mercy

Personality: Alvarez's aspect of death is in no way a way of dying or being killed, but the way in which he sees things. This is how it's his aspect of death. In Alvarez's mind, he is showing mercy and compassion to those he kills, seeing himself as a guardian angel who is helping his opponents move on. He doesn't feel any guilt for the killing he does, only that he has helped another soul move on.

Appearance: Alvarez holds the appearance of a guardian angel, white short hair which doesn't go past his neck. It is in a spiked out fashion but not spiked like with hair gel. His eyes are a soft golden amber shade. His personality is very friendly, open and caring for others... But if he seems to think you're being held back or depressed, he may take that as a chance to help you become 'free' or in other words, time to kill. He has the standard Hakama pants but instead of a black sash, his is made of a grey silk fabric. His top has a back but the front is non existent. The fabric ends at his shoulders and then trails down to give him sleeves that end just over his elbows. The neck of the jacket/top wraps around in two places, these are the only things securing the top to his body. It has a buckle over his abdomen and one on his neck. He has a golden marking across his face, starting under his left eye and stretching over to his right. It rests far enough down that it runs horizontally, half way down his nose.

His hollow hole is over the left half of his chest. His mask fragment are three spikes, starting small then getting slightly larger each one up, starting right above his brow line and then up into his hair line. His tattoo of the number '6' is along his left arm, between his elbow and wrist.

Abilities: Alvarez is a master swordsman, his blade the most lethal thing about him. His hierro is not the strongest but it does keep him from getting hurt. His cero's are of medium strength, some arrancars having stronger ones than even he has. As for his sonido, he is average for an espada but can actually manage to keep up with some faster than him.

Zanpaktou: He carries his zanpaktou on his back, it in a yellow scabbard and the metal a polished silver. The hilt is a gold metal with white fabric wrapped around it.

Resurreccion: His resureccion is released with 'Shatter their fate, àngel de la muerte'. With his release, his bone fregament moves to encircle his forehead all the way around, as if a head band but is only a few centimeters wide. The spikes still rest along the band, the band dipping down enough to hold the spikes. His reiatsu spikes and spills out of him, forming a white-ish gray pair of wings along his back. His zanpaktou has a red ribbon coiled around it and coiled around Alvarez's hand, moving to cover almost up to his sleeve. In this form his speed is amped up but his hierro lessens.
So, I've had this lovely OC Sheet just sitting in my notes on my iPhone for a while now, and he's got a drawing on the way so be ready to see what he looks like ;D

He's several months old and he's only been used once in an rp (which is strange for me) but oh well.

Alvarez Cortes (C) =Lifes-Lovely-Roses

Bleach (C) Tite Kubo
Amor13 Featured By Owner Apr 27, 2012  Student Traditional Artist
Interesting "Angel de la Muerte" to say the least.
Lifes-Lovely-Roses Featured By Owner Apr 27, 2012
Thanks ^^
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