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November 20, 2011
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Name: Akiko Minonaki

Age: 437 (Appearance Age: Early Twenties)

Sex: Female

Race: Soul Reaper

Position: Gotei 3rd Squad Captain (Head of the Detainment Force)

Appearance: Akiko is the self proclaimed "Prank Queen" of Soul Society and also considered one of the more beautiful women of the Gotei. Akiko is a very young and youthful Captain full of energy and comedy to make the grumpiest of people smile, even though she hates grumpy people. Akiko always seems to have an aura of great positivity around her when she's in a good mood but a depressing or killer aura when she is in a bad mood. Akiko, Aki known by her friends, stands at a rather average 5'5" with a lean and ultimately very fit figure which she is known to flaunt about with, along with her ample cleavage as well. She has long brown hair that stretches all the way down to her hips in either a leave-it-where-it-falls position or tied back in a ponytail. She has large, soft brown eyes with small bursts of hazel green around her pupils who give off a rather beautiful color coat and an exploding effect to them. She has a round, youthful face that can at times be considered "cute" while other times can be seen as "beautiful". Her bangs come down in a fashion so that her eyes are cut off from sight when looking at her from the side. There is one feature about her that seems to stick out from her overall "perfect" body and that's a nasty permanent burn located on her right shoulder. She obtained the burn when she was a teenager and lived in the rukon district. She was caught in a house fire and she was the only one releuctant enough to be saved by a Soul Reaper that risked his life to pull her out of the fire. All of her family and most of her friends died in the fire which left her all alone and soon enough she entered the Soul Reaper Academy to become a Soul Reaper to where she excelled greatly and graduated after four years.

Captain Minonaki has a highly modified uniform and it doesn't take in the form of utility but rather in flirtatiousness. The top of her uniform has been taken out completely and replaced with a black one piece chest cover that stretches across her chest, revealing a good amount of her cleavage but covers it enough to not make it look like she's trying to look like she's asking for someone to get her. Her arms are wrapped in white medical bandages from her wrist all the way up her forearm and end right before it meets her elbow. Her bottoms are on an even skimpier and tempting level. Her bottoms have totally been removed and replaced by medical bandages, identical to the ones she wears on her forearms, that span from her lower abdomen and over down to about halfway down her thighs. A long black cloth that is held together by four fasteners around her waist dangles over the center of her crotch area and in between her legs like a giant loincloth. It goes about halfway down her legs and just dangles there without any other support besides the fasteners around her waist. The sleeves of her haori have been removed, leaving her arms bare but keeps her shoulders covered. The inside of her Haori is a lavishing azure color which compliments her eyes.

Personality: Akiko has a dynamic kind of personality that ranges from all kinds of spectrums of emotions and are normally affected by the events that have happened in her life. The first and most prevalent of her emotions is her known troublemaking instinct and that instinct is prevalent almost all the time. She is known to be a rule-bender and sometimes even a rule-breaker. She is also known to be a drinker where her mischief becomes even more rambunctious. She is also known as the "Prank Queen" of Soul Society. She has an unnatural talent at making pranks that are either incredibly intricate or are really big. She even once blew up her own squad building just to prank a good friend of hers who is also a Captain. Outside of her trouble making abilities she has many other faces to her personality. She's very unsocial to people she doesn't know, but once you get to know her she will open up and show her caring and humorous side. She also is known to have a flirtatious tendency at some times but never lets it go too far unless she actually does like whoever she's flirting with and they like her. She is also very outspoken at times even though sometimes that ends up with her getting in trouble as always. She is also deathly afraid of being pulled underwater. Many people don't know why but others think that she died in the human world because of being drowned. The issue is still up in the air and is still being scrutinized of what it really is.

Abilities: The most known of Akiko's abilities is her amazing physical strength. Akiko has superhuman strength that is even considered strong in Soul Reaper standards. Her strength comes from her high amounts of spiritual pressure she stores up in her muscles which causes a simple punch to break a rib. She once put her former Captain through a wall with a single punch, knocking him out instantly. Along with her incredible strength, she is a master of Hakuda. She can land incredibly powerful strikes through any means necessary from punches, to kicks even to headbutts. She is an expert, no a master, in flash step and can keep pace with some of the faster Espada. She is alright in the arts of Kidou, enough to get by as a Captain. Her Zanjutsu is actually rather average for a Captain that is known to reside on her Hakuda and strength. Her strength doesn't seem to affect her strikes with her sword but she doesn't seem to mind it.

Zanpakutou: Suisho Ryu (Crystal Dragon)

Inner World: Her inner world takes place in a large patch of open sky surrounded by clouds. The patch of open sky seems to always be changing for small clouds seem to roll in randomly while a set of thick storm clouds surround the area. The time of day always seems to be stuck at night time. There seems to be no stars or even a moon in the sky even though it's so dark out. An odd feature of the world is the set of floating golden disks that litter the world randomly. These disks float but never seem to leave their place, not even forcing it with your hands and feet will do anything to move the disks. Each of the disks has small wax candles that are constantly lit and never melt. Each of these candles represents the life and health of Akiko's body. When Akiko becomes closer and closer to death the candles will start to extinguish one by one and when the last candle goes out, she dies.

Zanpakutou Spirit: Suisho Ryu is a dragon that takes the form of a large white/clear canine with large bat-like wings. Crystal feathers run all the way from the tip of his nose down all the way through his back like a spine. In his original form his size is about the size of a rhinoceros; however, whenever he wants to, he can change size at will. He can change from the size of a rhinoceros all the way down to the size of a greyhound and any size in between. When he's at his largest, his crystal armor is amazingly thick and nearly impossible to break but he is extremely slow. When he's at his smallest he is very fast and agile but his armor is very weak, a single strike can chip off a portion of his armor. He has icy blue eyes and his main weapon is his tail, his tail is lined in wickedly sharp crystal scales that can cut and serrate anything practically. At the end of his tail are a set of long, extremely sharp crystals that are shaped into a fan pattern so when he uses this to slash someone it will cause some radically painful damage. When Shikai is activated, Suisho Ryu's scales will start to flutter up and down and move around his body. When Bankai is activated the flames of the candles in the world will erupt into giant flames and his body will start to glow an ominous white and blue light.

Humanized Form: Suisho Ryu humanized, first of all stays a single size that isn't too big or too small, it is just about right. He takes the form of a young man, around mid-twenties, with extremely long white hair. In his hair there are a line of blue feathers that go straight down the center of his hair, all the way down to the end of his hair. His white hair reaches all the way down to the middle of his thighs and it is in a leave-it-where-it-falls fashion. He has solid icy blue eyes and his skin tone is slightly tanned. He has large bat-like wings and a dragon tail made of crystal. He wears what looks like knights armor that is a really light blue with a reflective shine to it. The armor has crystals encrusted all over the armor in random places that shine brightly when hit by light.

Sealed State: Suisho Ryu's sealed state is a very recognizable sword for it has unique features. The sword takes the form of a regular sized katana with a few unique features about it. The hilt of the sword doesn't have a wrapping like most other zanpakutou's do, this sword's hilt takes the form of gray reptilian style scales that face up towards the hilt. Most would think the scales of the hilt would hurt or even cut Akiko's hands when she uses it but it doesn't seem to affect her at all. The pommel is also unique, it is takes the form of a Chinese style dragon's head that faces outward away from the sword. The head has a blue gem in its eyes that shine whenever light hits it. The tsuba is a dull grey color and it takes a square shape but the edges are all cut off inwards in a rounded corner, making it look more intricate and elegant than it really is. She places Suisho Ryu on her left hip and it's held by the black cloth rather than a sash like a normal Soul Reaper would.

Shikai: To activate her Shikai, Akiko will hold out her sword in front of her horizontally. She will then say "Crystalize, Suisho Ryu!" The sword will shine white before combusting into thousands of tiny, reflective crystal shards. The shards will steadily grow in size before starting to cover Akiko's body. All the shards will cover Akiko's body evenly like the scales of a reptile. Soon, her entire body will be covered in these translucent but shiny scales like a set of reptilian armor. In this form, her physical strength is even more powerful than before and her Hakuda skills are even more enforced. Her body is also extremely hard to cut head on, there is one weakness that many people fail to take advantage of and that is her scales aren't unmovable. If someone can wedge their sword under a scale, they will dislodge the scale and even harm Akiko. The crystals are also prone to heat. If someone can heat up her scales enough, it will cause problems for Akiko because her own scales can burn her badly if she doesn't lose them.

Harikouu (Crystal Rain): Though Suisho Ryu is considered a physical type Zanpakutou; it contains one kind of "second wind" ability involving dislodged scales. If a scale is ever dislodged from her armor it doesn't lose it's control under Akiko. Each of her scales contains small amounts of her Spiritual Pressure which leave it able to act on its own even without it being on Akiko's body. Akiko can use these dislodged crystals and have them pick off of the ground on their own and fly at her target like bullets. She uses this ability to track down targets at a range or to make a distraction to attack from a different angle.

Bankai: Hiko o Toru Suisho Ryu (Take Flight, Crystal Dragon): Akiko has a rare kind of Bankai that affects her own size and shape of her body. She will make sure that she has a good distance between her and her opponent. She will take a fighting stance while glaring at her opponent. She will then say, "Bankai, Hiko o Toru Suish Ryu!" The scales on her body will start to shift around and grow. Soon the scales will cover her entire body and even a little more past that. Soon the scales would have grown all the way out until now her body is covered in crystal in the shape of Suisho Ryu's Dragon form. The body is practically an exact replica of the spirit's form except the eyes are brown like Akiko's and its voice is distinctly Akiko's. In this form, her whole body is her weapon. Her body is covered in sharp scales and her tail is covered in extremely deadly crystals. The rarity of how the Bankai's body changing abilities is revolved around her size. She can change her body size just like Suisho Ryu can in his spirit form. She can expand her size to the size of a Rhinoceros or condense it into the size of a dog. In her biggest form she is strong and armored but slow, in her smallest form she is very quick and agile but is weak and thinly armored.

Okay so I finally got around to posting this :P my friend :icononyx-vx: owed me for a commission we had done so he paid me back with one of his epic OC sheets for my OC Akiko.

If you want a visual of Suisho Ryu, here he is:

OC sheet (c) :icononyx-vx:

Akiko Minonaki (c) :iconlifes-lovely-roses:

Bleach (c) :icontitekuboplz:
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scorch62msc Jun 19, 2013  Hobbyist Writer
Why have I not favorited this yet? :iconfacepalmplz:

If I've said it before I'll say it again; she is PERFECT for Ichiro. I just absolutely LOVE Akiko; the pranks she pulls, her straightforward and bright personality. (Hell she bitchslapped him because he was being so gloomy XDD) I also love her incredibly unique zanpakuto (which is pretty badass) and her quick willingness to help Ichiro with Moretsu I just :iconspazattackplz:
I saw the comment saying you don't want people using your character, but could I use the art for the Bleach Fan Fiction Wikia?? There was one of Minonaki Akiko I saw on someone else's deviant page and thought it was pretty good. Of course, I'd ask the drawers too, but they are technically yours too XP let me know
I'd prefer if you didn't. This art was made especially for my character, not to be used for anyone else.
I understand. Thought I'd ask XP
Just to clarify, I only really need a small pic of her face. I'm not asking permission to use the character Minonaki Akiko herself, but just a picture of her.
amber-sky Aug 9, 2012  Hobbyist Writer
How tall is she?
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